O L A d e a l


Craving for more? Eat more for less when you download our OLAdeal app! Discover how you can share the good stuff with your friends and get rewarded for it, the tastiest way possible.

  • Black Ace
  • First State Bank
  • Custom Aire
  • First State Bank
  • Dakota Molding
  • Dakota Peat
  • First State Bank
  • Eastbay Campground
  • First State Bank

OLAdeal Features

Stuff yourself with free daily meals and discounted prices with a seamless all-in-one app.

Free Meal Every Day

Get your hunger pangs satisfied without spending a dime. Grab your free meal before the counter hits zero, available every single day!

Split the Price

We love it when you share a good deal with your friends. Choose your favourite meal and share it to get unbeatable savings! The more you share, the more you save!

Secure Payment

Our team values your cyber safety. Be assured of secure payment and get your deals with peace of mind, so you can focus on the good stuff.